Alison Nail is a well-known author and motivational speaker with over 15 years of personal coaching experience. Over the course of her colorful career, has worked for varied organizations and industries, from Madison Square Garden, to high-profile NCAA Division I athletics to Fortune 500 executive recruiting.

Alison is now the founder of the True Path Program, where she takes an innovative and inspirational approach to whole-person wellness for personal and professional transformation. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sociology and Psychology.


More than anything, Alison’s career has been highlighted by her many years as an executive recruiter. She has helped thousands of people find jobs or change careers. Along the way, she discovered a passion for facilitating conversations in which clients discovered what they themselves were passionate about.

It quickly became her life’s work to help women discover and pursue their passions. As a career coach, she has worked with people in every conceivable facet of the job spectrum: from new college graduates and mid-career professionals to high-level Fortune 500 executives and athletes in every major American sport.

As the creator of the TruePath program, Alison now collaborates with women from all over the world to discover their True Path. She guides women towards empowerment, allowing them to take a seat at the table in their lives and in their career. The True Path program is designed to recognize limiting beliefs

that perpetuate undesired results while identifying strategies that break negative patterns. With humor and warmth, Alison helps woman heal issues from the past so they may move confidently forward.


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